Food and Beverage

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Multiple options, there is on site:

  1. A food vendor barbecuing something artery clogging.
  2. A drinks vendor serving fresh squeezed juices.
  3. Across Queen Street from Jimmie Simpson Recreation Center is our sponsor Eats and Beats, a small street food festival.
  4. And of course, we’re on Queen Street East in Toronto, there are numerous food and coffee shops both east and west of the park.


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During load-in we can use Queen Street and Booth Avenue based on your assigned times. Every year we have issues with Queen Street parking so read on:

You can park on Queen Street as indicated by our volunteers, easily identified by their striped aprons. Please obey them. DO NOT park near the TTC stop nor near the pedestrian cross-walk. If there is no parking space available, drive around the block, do not stop and wait, this is Queen Street and it’s always busy. The Google satellite view yellow lines indicate where MUST NOT stop or park your car:

Please follow the load-in process of:

  1. Park as indicated by our stripe apron volunteers
  2. Unload all your stuff onto the park in immediate vicinity. The volunteers will guard your stuff!
  3. Drive away immediately and find parking somewhere.
  4. Walk back to the park and set up your tent.

Load-in and Load-out

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Please read carefully to understand your options. More details will be coming in the soon with a load-in map, but I wanted to give you a sense of the process, so you could begin planning what might work best for you.


Saturday AM


Sunday PM

Overnight Storage

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As we have overnight onsite storage, we will not be running a car pick-up and drop off each day.

Storage is located in the PODS located at west end of the tennis courts.


  1. On show closing each day
  2. 5 hours before show opening on show days
  3. Earlier access available on email request
  4. Badge (nametag) must be worn for access

Event Logistics

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The Artists’ Network welcome booth is where to come for assistance and clarification throughout Riverdale ArtWalk 2018.

Draw – I Gave Art

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Please let us know if you can donate a piece of art for visitors to win.

To help draw traffic and build our communications list we will be holding a draws for art. We will be pulling entries as part of a random raffle for art throughout the event. As well, we are planning a NEW digital contest entry option that will be promoted before the event. More on this soon.

Please let me know if you have art work or cards you can donate. You will gain some additional exposure in the Artists’ Network booth, on the Win! page, and through our social network!

Tent and Equipment Rentals

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Order form

We highly recommend all artists participating secure a white 10′ x 10′ free-standing tent for the weekend. The event runs rain or shine and by signing the artist agreement, you are committing to onsite outdoor participation both days, no matter what the weather brings.

Please note: All tents used must be white for this show.

You may bring your own tent. It must comply with requirements described in the order form regarding size, colour, hold down weights.

We have partnered with All Cargo Tent & Event Rentals. The order form is attached.  Please email to prior to Friday August 11th, 2017. The Artists’ Network is not responsible for your rental agreements – contracts are made between the artist and All Cargos directly. Do not send your order to the Artists’ Network – send your completed order directly to All Cargos. Please ensure you receive a confirmation from All Cargos to ensure you are not disappointed on event day.

For your information, All Cargo crews erect all rental tents, grids and weights, on the Friday before show start. Your rental tent will be waiting for you at Saturday morning load in. On Sunday evening after show close All Cargo crew returns and takes down all tents and equipment. Please remove all cable ties, tape, s-hooks, and other miscellaneous attachments,and dispose of them properly. At previous RAW’s our volunteers have spent several hours combing the park collecting multiple bags of trash, especially cable ties, left discarded in the park; this is not a fun job. Please be nice to us and to the park.

If you are sending your order form prior to booth numbers being provided, simply indicate “to come” on the order form in the booth location description on the form.

Event Guide

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Our 2018 guide will feature a listing and square image for each artist.

Please proofread your contact information on the attached document (Artist Listing for Guide). This information, from your submission,will be used in the event guide. Please make sure we are aware of any needed changes no later than Thursday June 29th midnight. Email corrections to us with subject line: “RAW2018 event guide lastname,firstname”.

We will simply be using and cropping (if needed) one of your images from your submission. If you prefer a specific image, please email it to us:

  1. Square format
  2. Maximum file size: 1 MB
  3. Title image last name,firstname-RAW2018guide: “trudeau,justin-RAW2018guide”
  4. Use email subject line: Image for Riverdale ArtWalk 2018

If we do not receive an image from you by the deadline, in the above format, we will choose an image for you from your submission images sent in.